Monday, September 29, 2014

My Own Striped Top

I'm realizing I love stripes. Or at least, it's my favorite right now. Kind of like my newest favorite color "turquoise". Natasha keeps asking me if it's my favorite color, and I say, "Yes, till it changes." :) Same thing goes for stripes I suppose.

I bet you remember my search for a striped shirt just like Kate's, right? I so appreciate your tips and suggestions, and had I not limited my spending allotment so small, I would have easily bought one. Probably from Boden. But alas, I decided to stick. to. my. budget. and look at fabric instead of ready-made tops.

And look I did. I looked high and wide on all the best knit fabric sources online for the properly spaced, navy and white or off-white stripes, and it's harder than I thought. Eventually I settled on buying 1 yard of the"Off White with Navy Stripes" fabric from the Etsy shop Stylish Fabric. Total cost was $12.88, with about half of it being shipping and handling.


I knew I was taking a chance with the quality, and it proved right. The fabric isn't superb, and drapes weird in the back, but it will work for now. I'm still going to keep my eye out for deals or sales on a better quality one for long-term styling.

The pattern I used to make my other t-shirts (using this tutorial of copying an existing top) worked again for this one, and overall I'm pleased.


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  1. Nice job! It is so hard to find the right sort of fabric when you have something specific in mind. Those stripes are perfect. (I'm very partial to stripes, myself!)


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