Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Summer in the USA

We are having a really fun July this year. For the entire month, we are privileged to host Ane, who is from Basque Country while she is here with the program SUSA. And what full, fun days we have had ever since she arrived. Take a look at what we've been doing:

We have always wanted someone from another country to come visit us so we could show them around our piece of the United States and Ane is the first person to do so. She is grand. We laugh together, exchange a few Spanish words (even though she's here to improve her English), laugh some more and ask a lot of questions about Basque Country. Lincoln officially has a new buddy and probably thinks she's here to stay forever. Not sure what we will do when it comes time for Ane to return home... 
If anyone else wants to come and spend a month with us, we'd be happy to show you around too. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

More Wildlife

Another turtle was discovered last night. 
Also, a toad. He soon hopped away, but not after being named, "Kenta", meaning "healthy and big". 
The turtle was slightly slower in escaping, and the name chosen for it was, "Mimiko", meaning "beautiful".
(Natasha is on a Japanese kick these days, so I believe those are Japanese names.)

Natasha really wanted to keep the turtle; she wants a pet so badly. For some reason she doesn't consider our chickens pets. But alas, we told her this turtle is probably going to be happier out and about, so she took him back in a basket, towards the pond at the bottom of the hill.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

What Natasha is Up to

Her current main interest is Japan. She says she wants to move there when she grows up and she will be a part-time missionary. The rest of the time she's going to eat sushi, her favorite food. She actually asked the other day, "If I'm still interested in Japan at my next birthday, can we go there for my birthday?" My reply: "Maybe." :) 

Monday, June 18, 2018

How to Eat a S'more

Toddler style:

Never mind the face paint...when you're little and don't have much say about things, your older sister might just paint your face to be transformed into a mythical creature or who-knows-what.

A memory I'll tuck away for the summer of 2018.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Fathers in My Life

This turned out to be a very father-son post, which wasn't exactly my intention. However when I went looking for pictures of Daniel with our children, Lincoln seemed to be the one most often featured these days. Then, for my own Dad, again, the pictures include Lincoln. Seeing a theme here?

Finally, it's really hard to get a picture of Daniel's Dad with us since he is down in Australia. So, the last couple pictures are our side of things during a FaceTime call with Daniel's parents recently. I'm pretty sure Vince, my father-in-law was the one getting Lincoln to raise his arms in such glee. Probably doing it himself from halfway around the globe, so Lincoln could imitate him. :)

I'm honored to know and have wonderful men in my life.
These pictures illustrate just a few of the fun times and the memories I want to keep forever.
Because, life keeps moving on and little boys don't stay little.

Just during our last visit to my parents, we came across some of my Dad's baby toys and even some clothes, his mom carefully packed away probably 50 years ago. I'm so glad we discovered them now because Lincoln can now play with the trains my Dad played with, and wear the clothes my Dad wore. Every father was a little boy once...and their mommas watched them grow I'm watching my son do now.

So cherish the moments fellow Mommas... 

"Think ahead to a time, when your little boy's a man, 
and you'd give anything just to hold him again." 
~Ron Hamilton

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Golden Birthday Boy

A birthday card sent originally to my Dad from his Grandma, as a little boy, was used a second time and sent from my parents to Lincoln this year. So, in a sense, he received a card from not only his grandparents, but his Great, Great Grandma too. It probably means more to me than him right now, but it was really special to have his great great Grandma Ethel's signature on the inside saved some 50+ years later.

Call me thrifty, but it makes me pleased as punch to only spend $6.25 on Lincoln's birthday gifts this year all from garage sales. I found a hand full of little tools for a quarter each and this is by far the favorite. It really makes a drilling noise when you press the button. ;)

We kept asking him how old he was turning, and he would proudly hold out his hand and say, "Ree!" Basically, he said he turned 3 while holding out 5 fingers on his 2nd birthday. Gotta love little boys. And we sure do around here.

And just like that, we have a two year old in the house. *sniff sniff*

P.S. His cake was a strawberry quick bread. Very tasty with a lemon-drizzle of icing on top.

I also tried making baked donuts for the first time, but I think I need to find a different recipe. This particular one was coconut flour based and tasty, but slightly eggy. That happens with coconut flour recipes sometimes since coconut flour needs SO much moisture. But eggs might not be the ticket for adding the liquid with that recipe.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Trykes and Turtles

Last month we had some beastly hot weather around Memorial day, so Lincoln got his first tan lines wearing those little bib overalls above. What is it about little boys in overalls? I'm trying to space these out so he doesn't wear them every day. 

Also, in the space of two days, we had two different turtles walking about in our yard. The first was a big snapping turtle who apparently came out of the marshy pond down the hill from us to lay her eggs. I do not have much experience with snappers, so I'm sure I looked like a crazy scaredly-cat momma, but I was keeping my distance. Honestly, I know turtles are generally slow moving creatures, but I had this vision of it suddenly lurching at me like an alligator and I didn't want a turtle bite. You can all roll your eyes at me, but really, I don't know much about snapping turtles except that they snap. Natasha and I watched a YouTube video and now I am more informed. 
Anyway, the second reptile visitor is shown above and it was much less scary. Turns out it was a Blandings turtle, which aren't all that common. Fun.