Thursday, August 4, 2011

One hundred one

This is my 101st blog post!
I could have made a big to-do over the 100th one, but 101 seems even more fun.
So in honor of it, I'm going to let you in on a few honest-to-goodness facts about myself.


*I would rather sweep house than make butter.
*Summertime is when I constantly have to tell myself, "Pale skin is beautiful. Pale skin is beautiful". Because, I simply can not tan. It's impossible.
*Decision making is not, and may I repeat, not a strong point of mine.
*If you call me, I will most likely find something quiet to do with my hands while I hold the phone on my shoulder. Usually, stuff diapers or rip seams out.
*Our family has basically eliminated grains from our diet.
*I'm 24. Just in case anyone was wondering...
*I have gotten into the habit of leaving dirty dishes on the counter till morning. For some reason, it works best for me. (Please don't's not that bad!) I wash them first thing in the morning, then the counters are clear most of the day. I like that a lot.
*Some changes ahead for our family include traveling to another country for a while.
*That particular country speaks a different language. And I don't speak it!
*And last but not least, my favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate peanut butter. Just in case anyone wants to bring over a quart or so. (I'll provide the spoons.)

Okay, now it's your turn! I'd like to know who YOU are!
So all you lurkers, please introduce yourself in the comments, and let me know how you found my blog!
And, just for fun, tell me what your favorite flavor of ice cream is!


  1. I love being honest with my readers...I recently declared on a post at my blog..."You will find no pretenses about me here" just tried and true..."Simply Shelley" that's me....

    The word Simply may of been what drew me to your blog to begin with....I love a life of simplicity....and love visiting other bloggers whom choose to follow a simple path as well.

    Now just a couple of honest to goodness facts about me.....

    I am soon to be 52 and still love very much an old rag doll named Raggedy Ann...we have a friendship that goes back many years.

    I am a born again Christian who loves the Lord with all my heart and my greatest desire is that I may please him in all things.

    I love and admire the Amish culture...I love to read anything Amish "fact or fiction". Beverly Lewis being my favorite author.

    You and your little one are just simply beautiful.....blessings

  2. If I can call myself a lurker.... ;)

    *I tend to keep my hands busy while I'm on the phone too. On the other hand, if I can stay off the phone in the first place, I'd much rather do that.
    *I am also twenty-four.
    *I would like to leave the dishes till morning, but I'm afraid that would get far too extended for my own good. :P
    *I "veg out" by playing the piano.
    *I have a cute apron in the hall closet that my sister-in-law was admiringly examining today.
    *The occasional mint chocolate chip or cookies and cream ice creams are good, and so is a really chocolaty one.

  3. Chocolate, or chocolate fudge ribbon, or Reese's peanut butter cup.

    I leave dishes overnight sometimes, too... usually because I'm tired! I have more energy in the a.m. and the kitchen is cooler.

    I enjoy quilting, and have happy memories of both grandmas and my mom quilting.

    I love horses.

    This fall, both of our sons will be TEENAGERS! One will be 19, the other, 13!

    I like to sleep in. But if I can get out of bed, I really like mornings. But I also like to stay up late! This is all a problem. LOL

    I love old-fashioned ways of doing things - reminds me of my earlier family, and has so much common sense and enjoyment. Simple pleasures!

    I can play the piano.


    Well, that's enough! Ha. Best wishes with your plans about this other country - I hope you can pick up the language!

  4. I forgot, I came to your blog somehow by way of The Yoder Family blog, which I also enjoy very much. :)

  5. Well....I'd say you know me pretty well...and know how I found you. :)

    My favorite ice cream has got to be mint chocolate!!!!

    Did I ever mention that I think moving to a different country like you guys are doing is SO cool!!!!??

  6. I was very happy when I started reading this post and it said you were going to share facts about yourself. I thought maybe it would be 101 facts. :-) I think its so interesting when people do random facts. :-)

    If you want to go THAT far back, I started writing your sister 11 years ago and finally met you and eventually, YEARS later, you started your blog and I started reading it. :-)

    My favorite ice cream...I like pretty much any kind. Maybe butter pecan, although anything chocolate or mint is good.

    I had to laugh about your 'Pale skin is beautiful' fact.

    Two random facts about me:
    I shook hands with Ron Paul one time.
    Talking myself out of a ticket is one of the things on my list of stuff to do before I die.

  7. *I would rather do house work than gardening
    *Summertime is when I constantly have to tell myself, "It's ok to read a book for fun... you CAN put the textbook down!"
    *Being observant is most decidedly not a strong point of mine.
    *If you call me, I will still use gestures and make all of the facial expressions I would have if we were face-to-face
    *I've eaten crocodile, kangaroo, fried bees, cox comb, and fermented pork...
    *I'm not 24! ...yet.
    *If I can get away with it (if I'm not going anywhere) I will skip washing my hair on alternate days... or occasionally two? *gulps* (Hey! c'mon, don't you think there have been centuries of people who went for way long than that? Besides! Depending on who you ask, some say it's better for your hair... so, basically, you can find medical "evidence" to support just about any habit! lol ;)P
    *Some changes ahead for me... I'm assuming... but I have no idea what God has in mind.
    *I need to ramp up on my own pet language!
    *I love Bear Claw... deep chocolate ice cream with chocolate covered cashews and caramel injections... Cashews aren't even my favorite, but what a combo!

  8. Janel,

    I don't know if you know me, but I met you for the first time maybe 3 years ago, in Toledo. I think you were recently married then. My dad and I were doing our farm delivery and you came to that parking lot that one time. Then I saw you maybe last summer at the Perrysburg FM. We're the cheese vendors! :)
    I found your blog via the Yoder Family's blog and enjoy reading about your life and following your sweet girl as she grows, so quickly!

    I live and work on our family farm in Northwest Ohio. No two days are the same and each an adventure!

    Favorite ice cream; I agree 100% with chocolate - peanut butter.

    I wish you and your family all of the the Lord's richest blessings as you embark on your new journey.

    P.s. This is our farm's website:

  9. I have been meaning to comment for a while now...but you know how it goes...=) You know a LOT about me...actually maybe too much! =) lol... And you most likely know my favorite kind of ice cream....Mint Chocolate Chip!!! yum!!! =)

  10. Okay I tried to comment before but for some reason it didn't load! Hi! I'm a lurker. I have two kids (1 and 3) well almost...They keep me busy! I love being creative and baking!

    My favorite ice cream is something with huge chunks of chocolate in it!

    I enjoy your blog!!

  11. I found your blog by way of Yoders. I love when people share random facts about themselves. its so interesting.
    I like most any kind of ice cream. But Moose Tracks is definantly a favorite! A random fact??? I could not live without friends!

  12. Hello, I enjoy reading your blog!! Sorry I didn't comment earlier, but I was gone over the weekend so...

    I forget how we found your blog, but we know the Yoders and you too, so between you two, we got it.

    I like to bake,

    I like shopping, but don't like to stay in one store longer then I have too.

    I love to fly! (This past weekend was my first time flying and hoping not my last!)

    Favorite icecream, I have more then one favorite, Coffee, choc.chip mint and choc.

    Twila Milller

  13. Hi... I'm a lurker as well :) I found your blog from the Yoder family's blog, and I found theirs by way of Delila Miller's blog... Delila lived in my community a couple years ago. So much for the long and rambling explanation! I love your down-to-earth blogging! :)
    *I live in the most beautiful state, Virginia, close to the Blue Ridge Mtns. Ahhh... :)
    *I'm about to leave my teen years behind... I'm not ready for this!!
    *How about just vanilla icecream? or double fudge brownie :)

  14. So sorry I didn't comment sooner...

    *I'm a complete stranger to you. I can't remember exactly what led me to your blog, but I adore it!
    *I'm a mother to a teenage daughter. She's absolutely delightful to be around.
    *I live in the Lone Star state and have been sweltering in the heat this summer.
    *I enjoy any ice cream that has a chocolate base (probably too much).
    *I love to read and have spent much time as an adult reading "classics" I should have read when I was younger.

    Thanks for sharing all of your tutorials and your family! Personally, I'd love a lesson on making cottage cheese! I've never grown up on or around a farm, so the notion intrigues me! :)

    Thanks again,

  15. Well, I reckon it's not to late to comment? I am a complete lurker! I got your blog from Audrey Yoder...And absolutely love reading and lookin' at all your fine-array...

    *I leave dishes on the counter overnight too!

    *I'm what they would call a night person...

    *Anything with chocolate is mouth watering!! :)

    *I love outdoor activities.

    *And I also want to go to a country, that speaks another language I don't speak. :)

    *I love horses!

    *I enjoy taking pictures of everything, anything, and everyone! :)

    *I'm 17, and going on 18, but don't want to grow up!!! :P

    *I'm short and weird! (They say...)

    And there that's Simply Me! :)

  16. THis is my first time here...but I love your freshness in your blog! I too, found your blog thru the yoder blog! YOur daughter is absolutely adorable...she is a natural in front of the camera!
    Some fun facts about me...I do NOT like chocolate! My favorite ice cream flavor is mocha/coffee...I love anything with raspberries! I have a weakness for fruit flavored candy...and most people think my son is my brother! Blessings, Kelly


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