Friday, July 27, 2012

Just Chatting

For some reason, I feel like doing a rather random post. Pictures of nothing in particular, and without caring if they were all taken on the same day or even if they fall into any "category". So here we go! First off, here's Natasha and me one evening a week or so ago, when Daniel worked late and we had to have supper by ourselves.


And we ate this:

And yes, it was delicious.

Next, this is generally how I find Natasha in the mornings. She simply does not stay in bed to sleep.

 Last Saturday, Daniel and I picked 19 pounds of these. We froze most of them, and still need more. (We love blueberries...)

 A cute picture of Natasha carefully stenciling away: 

Oh, maybe I should throw in here, that with this random post, I took the liberty to not edit any pictures. Didn't feel like taking the time. :) 

The last of the funeral flowers.
Finally, I'm desperate for homemade toys to keep Natasha's mind busy during the day. Books are fabulous, and she loves them, but I have been getting weary of reading, reading, reading at any given moment of the day. Sooo I scouted Pinterest a bit, and found this idea somewhere. And quickly made it. All you do is trace a few random (I guess this post does have a theme...) toys and have her match up the toy to the shape. She liked it for about as long as I asked her to "pose" playing for me. Then she was sidetracked with wanting to trace her own objects. So, the original play activity didn't last long. Oh well.


Next, I will amuse you with a few random things on my mind. Just for fun.
1. The last time I cried was in a dream, and Daniel asked me the next morning if I was crying while sleeping. Yep, sure was!
2. I rather dislike having to hang up, pre-hung laundry. Did that make sense? Example: This morning, I did two loads of laundry and hung them outside. About 2 minutes after the last load was all carefully arranged, it started to rain. (Not saying that I mind the rain! We SOO need it!) So I ran out and gathered it all up. Then was faced with the tedious job of re-hanging damp laundry inside without a proper clothesline or enough drying racks. 
3. We don't have a dryer. ;)
4. Natasha is 95% potty trained! I'm SO proud of her! I haven't washed diapers in about a month, and, can I brag a wee bit? She even stays dry at night! And, I really didn't need to do so much worrying about the whole thing. I'm trying to learn about not worrying...
5. Another thing I dislike, is washing any skillet that cooked scrambled eggs. I would gladly have a non-stick skillet, just for cooking scrambled eggs.
6. Next item on the sewing list? A shower curtain. Something like this:

image source: Pottery Barn

7. My favorite day of the week has always been Tuesday. Maybe because I was born on a Tuesday. Or, because Monday is past. 
8. Daniel cut shelves for our laundry room, and we got brackets today. I can't tell you how excited I am about this! This was my shelf inspiration:

image source: Our Vintage Home Love

9. I saw a friend's french manicured toenails the other day, and would love to have mine done!
10. Oh, and I'm wanting to get my bangs cut. Maybe something like this: 

image source: Beauty Department 

11. The Olympics are soon! I would like to watch the gymnastics and the diving. 
12. We don't have a TV. Does anyone know if I can see this live online somehow?
13. I can't wait for fall. I've seriously had enough of this heat. This is exactly why I don't like summer. Rather craving wearing my hair down and wearing a cardigan like this: 

image source: What She Wore 365

So, hope you enjoyed this rather one-sided Friday afternoon chat. I did! Anything else you want to chat about? What's on your minds these days?


  1. The photo of your daughter stenciling is lovely! And for what its worth, I have an egg pan. Just for eggs ;)

  2. I always love visiting you and seeing pictures of your sweet little one...Potty trained...she's getting to be a big girl...they do grow so very youngest grandchild will be three in a few hard to believe....blessings

  3. love your random post! when I get back we should do french manicures.. I havent done them that way in awhile..
    and if you want to watch olympics you know how to break into our house :)

  4. I love your pictures!! And of course I love random posts. I love how fancy you eat even without the man around. :D You have a very, very cute little girl. :) I loved the shot of her stenciling.

  5. PS! Just realized we have mutual acquaintances! How sweet is that? :)


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