Friday, June 27, 2014

A Striped Top

Apparently when I don't blog, I really don't blog. Then when I do blog, I blog. Anyway, I have lots to share.

 Top on my mind right now is a simple white and navy striped t-shirt. Like this one:

Maybe you recognize it? It's the one Duchess Kate wore and now everyone wants one. Me included. But honestly, I've been looking for one before this, it's just now that I want one as close to this style as possible.

But £48 wasn't quite in my budget. So I'm coming to you all, in hopes you can help. A white t-shirt with navy stripes spaced about like this. Not really close together so it makes your eyes go buggy, and not WIDE stripes. I'm talking...just. like. Kate's. And ideally? $30 or less. But I care about quality too. I'm trying to keep in mind the phrase, "Quality, not quantity" in my wardrobe department.
So does anyone have any new online shops that I'm overlooking for my beloved striped top? 
I am flexible on sleeve length; short sleeve would be great, and if it's longer, I can hem it shorter if needed. LandsEnd has one that is the closest I've found, so I might end up with that, but I thought I'd ask for help first. So, help?

I do have a deadline for needing this shirt. We're going on our own Down Under adventure in August. ;)


  1. Have you looked at Boden? They always have Classic Breton tops. Nice quality too.

  2. Ok. Did some checking around for you. Here is one:

  3. Or this one:

  4. Thank you for your help and suggestions!


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