Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pink and Comfortable

I rarely buy clothes for Natasha. She prefers wearing skirts, so I gave up on jeans long ago. Aside from a few knit shirts that we purchased, she wears hand-me-downs or things I've made. I don't often think about how many homemade items fill her wardrobe, but it's a considerable amount.

For her birthday though, I bought her a little skater dress from Down East Basics. You can see it in the picture of Daniel tracing her feet on her birthday, here. It fit her so nicely and I knew when I bought it, that I was going to copy the pattern.

So I did, and cut it out of an XL ladies nightdress. Well, that's what I'm assuming it was...I just bought it at a thrift store for the fabric. 

It turned out pretty nice, although I'm disappointed with the knit fabric. It was too used already to be turned into something new that might last very long. Oh well; it's just for everyday around here now. To dress it up, I free handed some dandelions and grape hyacinth flowers along the hemline with white fabric paint. 



It's a fun summer dress and perfect for walking a milk cow with Daddy.



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  1. adorable....I think it sweet that she doesn't prefer jeans,so many little girls I know hate their dresses and skirts. I miss seeing little girls dressed as little girls. Blessings friend


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