Friday, May 16, 2014

This Little Girly Turned Four

...last month on the 21st.

She had requested a pink dollhouse with a purple roof at one time. I, um...well...didn't want a pink dollhouse with a purple roof in our possession. So I opted for a much more traditional, vintage look. A style that has withstood many a child and many a year. Good ole, Fisher Price Little People have officially moved in.

We made the same chocolate cake recipe as last year, and covered it with coconut milk icing this time. Somebody loves to help and mostly lick the spatula:


Daniel kindly traced her feet and hands while I bustled around preparing for the evening's festivities and finished up the cake. 
We had family over that evening and she happily blew out her 4 candles.



The cakes were fashioned to look like little bunnies, with water-colored ears, in a nest of paper grass. I used this series of pictures and tutorial for the cutting out tips.

Same as last year (do I sense a theme?), I wasn't sure a two layer cake would be enough. So we made some vanilla cupcakes as well. Same recipe too. Different only in the decorating on top and the addition of homemade cupcake toppers.

It was all rather laid back and relaxed. After thinking back to my childhood birthday parties, I realized that I had just as much fun without matching printed labels for every food item served, coordinating decorations, a grand theme with games and favors for every guest. Nothing wrong with all those, and just so you know, I have been known to peruse pinterest for ideas and print out labels. But all too easily I get into the comparison game and start feeling inadequate. I start thinking that perhaps that I'm not a good enough Momma if I don't have everything looking like a party magazine.

So I'm doing what I feel like and seeing what actually gets done and feeling a burden roll off my shoulders as I take a step back and just enjoy it as it comes. It's a good feeling.

Relaxing in life has also carried over to my blogging. I really enjoy it, but I haven't perfected speediness or timeliness in uploading, editing and posting pictures. Thus the lateness of this birthday post, and many other little projects that I would like to share...someday. But I'm so enjoying life right now and trying to embrace this moment in our lives.

I'm actually feeling rather good about this turning 4 business. I don't like to put all children into the "terrible twos (and threes)" category, but those ages were challenging for us. However 4 is looking much brighter for some reason. So here's to my little girl being 4 and me being 27, and hopefully embracing them both happily and more relaxed!

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