Monday, March 11, 2013

These Days

As I was writing a note to a friend the other day and not coming up with anything real newsworthy or amazing to tell her, I realized our days have become very predictable. They mainly consist of doing everyday stuff like getting up, eating, dishes, laundry, tidying house, reading picture books, eating, more dishes, etc... Our weeks seem to run together with Sundays to break things up. I do so enjoy going to church and it is a highlight of my week.
During the week, there are the occasional family meals with the in-laws, and the every-once-and-a-while errand running day. I clean house (actually dusted the other day!), and continue to try new recipes so I don't get bored in the kitchen. Last week it was so nice we took a walk down Main street.


Oh! There is one new thing: Story Time at a new library on Mondays. It has been fun, even though my hopes of meeting new moms hasn't been satisfied. But we still plan to go and enjoy Miss Jeanne leading us in song and dance and new books.


So amidst the normality and everyday-ness, here are a few random things that make me happy:

I've been reading through the Bible this year, and finally finished Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Hallelujah!

I'm not making Natasha an Easter dress this year. I decided to let go of that pressure, not fret about it. The world will go on spinning even if I don't sew Natasha a new dress for Easter. She has several cute hand-me-down dresses in her closet, that are very springy and perfectly suitable. And they will be "new" since they were too springy to wear all winter. I might just have to make her a headband or a flower or something, since not making anything for Easter does seem weird.

My most recent sewing project was just finished about 20 minutes ago. I whipped up a little baby dress, with  a matching diaper cover and sun hat. No, I'm not pregnant, it's for a cousin. ;) But it is awfully cute and makes me think of snuggling a newborn. Our baby isn't so little anymore...she'll be three in April!


One thing I am not happy about is that Downton Abbey and White Collar are each over now and we don't know what to watch. We don't have a TV, so we just watch online when we get a chance and now their seasons are over. (Each ending horribly, if you ask me.) A 45-50 minute show seems to be the perfect way to close our day. Suggestions to replace our evening entertainment would be appreciated. Even for a decent movie. Something funny maybe? One that doesn't require thinking?

Meijer had fresh mushrooms on sale last week. $1 for a container. I stocked up and loved it.

Drawing pictures in a thin layer of salt has been a recent lifesaver in answer to Natasha's question, "But WHAT can I dooo?!!!"

And finally, one of my absolute favorite things to smile about! That metal band on my husband's finger. He gave up wearing the original wedding band, since it got too big and was flying off his finger. But at a recent wedding, we heard that the groom's wedding ring only cost about $30. So I thought, for our anniversary, we're going to get Daniel a ring that fits! Surely we can find a deal too! We did indeed...on Amazon! I just love glancing at him during the day now and seeing that ring. I know it doesn't make you any more married, but I love seeing it. I knew I was still married for the time that Daniel went without his ring, but now the world knows too. :)

Can you tell I've been influenced by the Instagram look of editing pictures? You can think of this post as, "If Janel had an i-phone".

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  1. Hm. If I commented on everything that caught my attention in this post, you might not let me comment anymore. ;) Here are a couple:
    The salt is a good idea!
    I'm glad the ring worked out - I like seeing G's "metal band" too. :)
    Those mushrooms made me happy too.
    Have you all tried Foyle's War on Netflix? They're a little longer, but I think you'd like them. If you watch them, I think we'll be seeing more 1940s items from your sewing room. ;)


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