Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 2nd

I sort of forgot about the theme "angle" for today, since we attended a wedding and I was overcome with the prettiness, seeing friends we hadn't seen in over a year and...DESSERTS!







So if you really want to find an angle in this series, you could look at it this way: Kevin and Angelee got married today. They are no longer two, but one as a couple. But they might not see everything from the same angle at times, and together they'll have fun figuring life out as newlyweds!

We had a lovely time, and it was a beautiful, simple, non-fussy wedding with lots of smiles, and of course, sugar to eat. Congratulations to you both! 

P.S. Sundays are my day to close the laptop. :) So I will probably just pick up with my photo-a-day on Monday. Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Thank you for capturing and posting these, Janel! It was so nice to see you yesterday. I hear there may be another visit soon. :)

  2. Oh, and I wonder who taught N to hang a spoon on her nose? Hmm... ;)

  3. ha! Your Mom said, "It's my ministry to corrupt children." LOL


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