Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A shirt with nine lives

Well, maybe not quite nine, but it is on its third now. And it might just be the best one yet.

Remember this skirt? It was once my shirt. A rather frumpy one at that.
It made a cute skirt, but yet it didn't.
It really was WAY too long. Good grief Janel! Natasha looked like an Amish baby wearing it!
I loved the doily, but not on the knit fabric.
So I took the doily off and cut the shirt-turned-skirt-into this:


That's a diaper cover/panties under a skirt.
Brilliant, huh?
I got the idea not only from some of Natasha's skirts that were originally from a store, (I say that because I haven't bought her any...they're all hand-me-downs or gifts,) but from Dana's swim trunk tutorial. She added a mesh lining in her little boy's swim trunks, and I figured I could do the same thing with a skirt.


Now when my little monkey does this:img_6382

We can all smile because her diaper isn't shown to the whole world.


Love the inverted box pleats in the front...and back.




  1. Wonderful job...your little one is just precious...blessings

  2. How cute!!! =)I love the little bows on the front! =)

  3. That's a cute denim skirt, and that diaper cover does the trick! :) I remember when I was in grade school, us girls would wear dresses to school a lot, and we'd wear SHORTS under our dresses so we could play on the monkey bars and stuff. :)

  4. You do an awesome job with all your projects! I would NEVER have the patience to do all this kind of stuff! (And it's been MONTHS since I've last sewn anything)

  5. I wish I had her blue eyes. =)


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