Friday, April 7, 2017

Images of Spring and Two Spring Books

{Sunday afternoon nap}

{baby toes}

{lots of puzzling going on these rainy days}

{more baby naps}

{another baby bonnet for a wee lil lass}

{cooking lessons: deviled eggs}

{morning snuggles}

{a surprise snow}

The following are a couple of favorite books from the library. This first one, "Nature's Day" was more for pictures and just gazing at the lovely illustrations than actually reading. Natasha wasn't so much a fan, but I loved flipping through the pages. It has a section for each season, but I focused on spring. Naturally.

This second one, "Springtime in Noisy Village" was an instant hit for both me and Natasha. It's written by Astrid Lindgren, who wrote, "Pippi Longstocking". We both loved the story and the children featured. And yes-once again-the illustrations are darling. Might be my favorite part.

I particularly loved this one where it gives you a glimpse inside the kitchen where a very realistic scene greets you; kind of haphazard and slightly cluttered, but so real to life. Absolutely loved it. Plus, it reminds me of me bottle feeding my lamb, "Sarah" years ago when I was a little girl.

And these children's clothes! Look at those knitted sweaters, wrinkly socks, rain boots (or wellies) and the wind-blown hair. Perfect for spring. 

I just did a search on e-bay for a copy, in case I might find one for Natasha's upcoming birthday. Whoa! The first one listed costs $85! There are some for less, but still way out of my price range right now. Guess I'll have to keep my eyes open for a hidden gem at a used book store instead. 

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