Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Dragonese Birthday

Dragons seem to be a rather highly sought after fantasy animal in our house these days. Have been for months actually. So Natasha naturally requested a dragon themed birthday. 

The cake was a pinterest-inspired creation, with tissue paper wings. It was very simple to put together, but let me tell you, icing that creature took a while. {Many thanks to Daniel for watching Lincoln while I iced and iced and iced.} 

My process for the cake consisted of the following: 

~ bake
~ cool completely
~ wrap in saran wrap and foil, freeze
~ assemble, dirty ice it to contain crumbs
~ refreeze uncovered, to harden the base icing 
~ finally, ice it with the decorative icing
~ we stored it overnight on the counter with just a huge stainless-steel pan covering it to keep dust off. As long as it hasn't been sliced, the icing seals the cake and keeps the moisture in so it doesn't have to be in a completely sealed container. Good thing too, because I didn't have a large enough container.  

 Natasha stuck the candles in the dragon's mouth for a fire-breathing dragon when we lit them. (Not pictured.)

I drew a couple dragons on a box for a bean bag toss, and Natasha colored them in. 

For party favors, we drew dragon scales on metallic Easter eggs (which were 66% off at Hobby Lobby!) and put some chocolate eggs and almonds inside for treats. It's nice having a spring birthday when all the Easter stuff is on sale.

I do so like parties at parks. The weather was lovely and it's so fun to be outside after a long winter of indoor gatherings. Lincoln liked the fence nearby to hang on and observe the world.

One of Natasha's gifts was a package of gluten-free ice cream cones and so naturally she requested to have ice cream after supper that night. This probably makes the second proper ice cream cone she's ever had in her life, so that was very fun.

Happy Birthday my dear new 7 year old!

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