Friday, January 27, 2017

Currently 1.27.2017

Currently in my days I am...

"Where'd You Go, Bernadette?"  and "The Year of Living Danishly".  
It has been a while since I've read in bed before falling asleep. Mostly because I have a very small person in my life and usually I just want sleep, as much as possible at night. But recently, I have been reading in bed and it's been so good. I'm still not getting much sleep though, as this little person likes to be fed numerous times a night.*

The new living room arrangement my sister helped me come up with. Previously, we had the couch against the wall under our world map and there was a huge open expanse out in front. I've been craving "hygge" these last few weeks and my living room simply was not hygge. But it is now! I did the "pinterest" thing and moved the couch to the middle of the room to create some coziness and a smaller living room. Much improved in my mind. 
          I'm also quite excited that my before-mentioned sister is crocheting me a round rug to put in the back corner near the piano, for kiddos and toys. Yay! I think it will look extra cozy. And, no, I don't crochet. Are you surprised? I knit, but do not crochet. 

It still looks like a huge open space in this picture, but it's not. 
I was trying the pano option on my phone to get a w i d e landscape type of picture.

*Of sleeping through the night again one day. I realized that I'm not exactly trying to sleep-train Lincoln, but rather night-wean him. So I'm slowly decreasing the nursing sessions by one minute over the course of many days. We're already down by 2 minutes just this past week, so it may be slow, but I'm okay with that.

I could find the tag that came with the orchid I bought a couple years ago. Ha, I know, this seems so insignificant! But I kept the tag specifically so I would know what kind of orchid I have in order to properly care for it. The time has come for it to be re-potted, and knowing for sure if it's a Phalaenopsis or not, would be quite helpful.

Thinking About: 

Wool! And sheep. And ducks. And chickens. For some reason I have the homestead bug right now and I truly wish I had a sheep. Mainly because I've been knitting a lot more recently and after switching from a lovely wool/silk blend yarn to acrylic (to use up some in my stash) I've realized how lovely natural fibers are. 

Listening To: 
The Bible on audio. I'm trying this as something new, to see how I like it. So many times I read the same scriptures to myself, using the same Bible I had when I was 10, and it sounds the same as it always has. For variety, I want to hear it being spoken aloud and in a different method than I'm accustomed to. 

My little children grow up right before my eyes. Natasha wanted to know how many more days it was till her April birthday a couple weeks ago, and at the time we counted, it was 105. 105 more days till she turns 7. She is learning so much these days; multiplication, html and coding on Khan Academy, how to properly form cursive "h's" and reading up a storm. She devours all the new library books in one day and finished "Pippi Longstocking" in about 4 evenings. 


Since when can I stay in the car, while my little girl dashes 
out in the unseasonably warm weather to slip a letter in the post box?

Lincoln is crawling on all fours now versus his previous "seal" method of getting around. He is also pulling himself up to stand, and thinking he's big stuff. Sometimes I just look at him and tears come to my eyes. He won't be a baby for long and I want to bottle up every little bit of these days.


To stay with my New Year's Goal of taking a picture a week with Natasha and Lincoln. It's basically the same goal I had last year, but with a twist: Using the film camera this time. It will be such fun to have 52 pictures on film of the year 2017, if I can keep it up. 

So, what are you reading, dreaming, or thinking about these days? Feel free to share!

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