Monday, October 17, 2016

My Unexpected Favorite Baby Accessory

This is a post in which I talk about odds and ends, but  mostly revolving around pacifier clips. It might seem strange, but I'm really finding out how useful these little things are.

So to start off, the pacifier clips themselves. My sister-in-law gifted us with two braided leather ones from Ryan and Rose and even had one specially engraved with Lincoln's initials. I love the "manly" leather style and color. And nope, this is not a sponsored post for Ryan and Rose. :) I've just found these clips to be so handy for various little things.

Pacifier clips are mostly for pacifiers, of course. Lincoln hasn't taken the pacifier willingly very often, since he is actually a thumb sucker, but it has come in handy for soothing when I'm there to hold it in and he's not in a thumb-sucking mood yet. This Natursutten pacifier came from the same shop as the clips and I am particularly fond of how natural it is.

Toys though are where I think a pacifier clip is incredibly nice. Lincoln can't hold onto anything very long before he unknowingly opens his little fingers and down goes the toy. But if I have it clipped onto his clothes, it can't fall the to the floor to get dirty or for us to play the unending pick-up game. Also, I can clip these to the top edge of the diaper bag and they don't get lost in the great depths of the bag. 

This little hedgehog was such fun to make. It was constructed in many snatches of time here and there at the sewing machine, but I did get it done before we left for Canada. (Priorities you know, when packing to leave the country for a month.) Using the pacifier clip, I can clip it to Lincoln's carseat hood shade and he can watch it swing around while we travel. Little "Hedgie", as Natasha and I have come to calling him, came from a library book called "How to Make Stuffed Animals", and believe me, I'm making some of the other little animals when I get back to a sewing machine. They are adorable and so small, they only take scraps of fabric.

I love the woodland theme for little boys and if I had a nursery to decorate, I have a feeling it would be woodsy themed- with a cute mobile similar to this one. One of my other sister-in-laws gave us this swaddle blanket at the baby shower she hosted and I just love it. So my little hedgehog seems to fit right in. 

Aww, wasn't he little at 5 days old?

The other toy I have attached to the pacifier clips are these Bunny Ear Teething Rings I made back before Lincoln arrived, with wooden rings from Etsy. The hardest part about making them was selecting coordinating fabric for my sets of three. :) Again, another scrap busting project. 

 I even made some for some friends who were expecting around the same time I was:

If I make any more, I would do a couple hand stitches to secure the two "bunny ears" to each other at the base of the "ears" so the fabric won't work itself off the ring. That has happened once with Lincoln's gumming away at one, so I need to fix that.

Well, it's our last day here in Canada and we're going on one last sight-seeing outing in Old Quebec this afternoon. I'm tidying our AirBnB house, packing our belongings and getting things ready to be tucked back into our Audi for the drive home. We are planning to see Niagara Falls from the Canadian side on our way back to the States so that will be fun.

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