Saturday, May 28, 2016

In the late Spring...

I find myself thinking a fair amount about when this little one will arrive. It's so close, but seems so far away at the very same time.

There are lots of things to occupy my time while waiting though. Such as, going to a nearby greenhouse for some pictures to remember these fleeting days by. And, to select some plants for our new raised beds. I keep wondering if planting flowers will bring on labor as it did for my Mom and my younger sister's birth. It's been a well repeated story in our family all growing up from Mom: "I planted flowers the night before and then..." :)

Paulette's Potting Shed was a lovely location to spend some time in the other morning, and I'm very grateful for Paulette being gracious in letting us have a photo session there. She hosts the most lovely and inspiring open house every year right before the greenhouse opens for the season and it's a highlight of my year. Of course, now that it's warm enough, getting my hands in the soil with plants makes my heart happy as well. Speaking of, I need to go out and water my drooping kale. The forecast has been tempting me with rain for days now and not near as much as predicted has come, so I must attend to my little seedlings.


  1. You are beautiful! Looking forward to meeting your little boy soon!

  2. This is such a beautiful idea for maternity pictures! All new life!! You look lovely. : )


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