Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sneak Peak

We had snow before Thanksgiving for a few days, and of course I had us all head outside for family pictures. Christmas card season is upon us, you know.  The camera had some issues focusing with all the snowflakes coming down in front of us, but that was okay. This one gives you a preview of the better ones that are in focus. 


Now that Thanksgiving is safely behind us, I have removed all pumpkins from the house and hope to buy some lovely fresh pine garland from Trader Joe's very soon. I heard they have 20 ft. garlands for only $7. I had to verify that our closest Trader Joe's has them (it's really not that close at hour and a half north), and they do. The kindest clerk told me I can call ahead and she can hold one for me. How about that? So I plan to make a day trip and have some of this for my very own home.

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