Friday, August 28, 2015

Two in One Week

I must be on a roll or something with blogging...

This is to document two things that make me happy these days:


My girlie learning to sew (her first doll quilt) and iron. It's such fun to share my love of sewing with her and hopefully teach her a lasting skill for years to come.


Also, new dishcloths. 100% cotton. I'm hoping this will be helpful in eliminating the greasy dishcloth problem that has been on the increase in my kitchen. The only ones I've ever had are a cotton/polyester blend and I think the synthetic fibers are causing issues. My soap suds disappear too quickly, the dishes seem greasy even after being washed, and the dishcloth itself even feels greasy directly after coming from the washing machine. Has anyone else ever had this problem? So. New dishcloths make me very happy. Plus they're a fun yellow theme.


I had to pose them beside fresh tomatoes from my garden because it looks summerish.

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