Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Quick Summer Recap

One of my newest favorite pictures of the three of us was taken on our last big adventure this past July in Europe. Specifically when we spent the day touring Luxemburg. It was a fun city to explore.


When we came home, summer was in full swing and I decided to welcome it.


Aside from a couple full weeks of sewing before our trip back in June, I haven't sewn much at all this summer. The last item that was under the Kenmore's presser foot was this little bunting and stuffed fabric ball. It was made for some friend's sweet little girl's 1st birthday gift. Now I want a miniature bunting myself...


Here is a little corner of our living room which I love to look at. The other day the breeze was coming in the windows making the curtains billow and blow and I had to capture an August afternoon in our house.


And for a bit of 5-year old fun, here's a recent activity of Natasha's. Yesterday we started out to make flower designs on clear contact paper to tack up in the windows, but the contact paper I had on hand was probably older than me and turned out not to be sticky at. all. Therefore we altered the finished product a little and made bookmarks for her little friends using packing tape. It worked fine.


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