Thursday, March 5, 2015

7 Practically Perfect Years


Daniel and I celebrated our 7th anniversary last month. I never expected that in the past 7 years we would have ever done as much as we have together, but it's been grand. Simply grand. Not completely perfect, because hey, we live on earth. We aren't sinless, but together with God, we have had the best 7 years I could have asked for. And I'm so thankful I have spent them with this guy. We shared vows during our wedding saying, "I do." and I'm proud to say, "I still do."

To celebrate this year, Daniel planned a little trip to Puerto Rico for a few days, just the two of us. We basically spent our time as follows:

Reading in the shade with the ocean waves below us and our backs to an ancient fort:16-071

Exploring the fore-mentioned fort grounds:13-040

Walking the streets of Old San Juan:18-075

Eating plantains, sweet yellow ones and fried green ones:IMG_3366

Admiring the blue sky, and that fort again:

Trying out stripes with polka-dots:
At some point of this particular day, I realized I was wearing a completely homemade outfit. 

And thinking we were living a real-life postcard.


  1. Happy anniversary! What a great trip to celebrate!

  2. What a wonderful trip. Very beautiful. I wish you both many more lovely years together with God's blessing.

  3. Fantastic! And warmest congratulations. Every hurdle surmounted makes peaceful moments like these all the more sweet.


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