Friday, February 20, 2015

I'm Loving White

Which is a very good thing right now because it's very white outside. Good thing I don't mind much.
However, it does mean we're inside...a lot. So I drink tea, read books (to the little one in the house, and myself) and admire the beauty of fresh, clean snow. The bright snow makes the whole house seem nice and bright too. Our bedroom isn't usually featured here much, was fairy tidy the other day and so here it is.

Photo by a certain short person in our house.


Since my love for whites hasn't been diminishing recently, I dug down in the crawlspace for our white down comforter that was a wedding gift. We haven't used it much because it's SO warm. However, I brought it up at just the right time because it hasn't reached 15* for days now. The nights are even colder, and I'm loving the coziness that I forgot a feather comforter offers.



I printed this cute little printable several months ago and cut it to size for my little frame.

I think I should wash that globe...

Oooo let me show off my new print! For my birthday we headed to Ikea and although we didn't come away with what I really, really want (a new couch) I did make a somewhat impulse purchase with this LONDON print. It came with two others: PARIS and NEW YORK, and since I've been to two of the three, it seemed fitting as a birthday gift for myself. It was marked down as well so that might have had something to do with the sudden urge to have it as my own. London was the first to go on the wall since Downton Abbey is still our show of choice at the moment. I still haven't taken down the greenery that I draped over the window frame back in December, but it still seems wintery and makes our bedroom seem more like a cabin deep in a forest somewhere. If we use our imaginations.


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  1. Your room is lovely. I love your bed, so beautiful. Blessings


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