Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thinking Pink and Preparing for Winter

I've fallen in love with knitting again. It's so fun to rediscover the joy in something so simple. After my infinity scarf, I needed something else to work on, and I remembered Natasha's winter hat from last year was getting a little small. What a happy discovery. I have a proper excuse to knit something else!
We then went on a little search for the best yarn for a new hat. We found some 100% Australian wool at Spotlight, for a reasonable price and bought two balls.
Of course, it had to be pink.

After much deliberation, I settled on the Little Flower Hat on Ravelry, and completed it fairly quick.

Raveled here.



After that, I still had a ball of yarn. Guess we bought one too many. Not a problem though, another realization hit me: Her mittens are going to be really too small this winter as well! So I taught myself, with a couple youtube videos, how to knit mittens. I used a vintage pattern that I pinned a while ago, and I think it was a perfect pattern for giving me an idea of how mittens are constructed.

Raveled here.


Both patterns are *free*. :)



  1. I love the hat especially. I imagine being that creative and knitting something...then I remember what a simple pot holder looked like when I tried it.

  2. Very pretty. I like the pink. My daughter is in a whirlwind of knitting right now, with orders for lap blankets, headbands, etc. Good thing she loves knitting. Blessings

  3. Really sweet! I love the look of matching hat and mittens.


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