Friday, October 17, 2014

Nature Play in Nelson

The past few Wednesdays that we've been available, Natasha and I have gone to the Nature Play walk for children at the base of Grampians Reserve. It's an easy stroll up part of the hillside, going at a preschooler's (or younger) pace. Halfway through the walk, we gather with the other mom and children to have a morning snack. But it's a little fancier here; they call it "morning tea" and we actually have tea. At least one mom usually brings a thermos of hot tea, and if you bring a cup, she will pour it out for you. There are healthy snacks, like fresh fruit or homemade bread and it's all very relaxed and easy going.

Natasha enjoys going and we have made a few new friends, which make us feel like we aren't so isolated. Thing is, we only have about a week left here in New Zealand, and then it's back to the States and winter, where there won't be any nature walks with flowers to pick like there are here!




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