Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Haircut in NZ and A Masked Parade

Last Friday was a perfect day for a haircut. I had several inches of length taken off, and now I feel very much refreshed. It's such fun getting one's hair cut in another country. I did it in Germany about a year ago, and now Down Under. It's simply a fun experience. :)


Marie was my hairstylist this time, and she said she's been doing hair for about 30 years. She took a break to try something else, but turns out she didn't love working at a bank for those two years even though she did well at it. She returned to cutting hair and loves doing it.

Thanks to Maria for being my photographer. She was with us for part of our trip to Europe last year and now she AND her brother Logan have joined us for the latter part of our New Zealand trip. Daniel and I met on their family's farm, so we all kind of go back a long ways. Um...I guess I don't even have a picture of Maria in this post. Oops. 

That evening was the Masked Parade as part of the Nelson Arts Festival, which is going on right now, and it was another fun little outing we all had. We walked downtown for the event, and when the school groups started coming by, Natasha perched on Daniel's shoulders to see.


Afterwards, we got a picture with one of the taller masked creatures. :)


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