Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Very Big Bag

In my planning for travel, I realized last year that I needed big bag for a carry-on satchel type of thing. It was to be the catch-all for snacks, airline games, and even to stuff the camera bag into if needed. I scoured Pinterest, and found a lovely review by SouleMama for the "Big Easy Sling Bag" in the book, "Sew What You Love". I promptly requested the book from the library and whipped one up.



A burlap covered button seemed to be the perfect choice for the closure.


My only alteration is adding a fully lined zipper, and a couple pockets on the inside. Although I honestly can't remember if the pockets are originally included in the pattern or not. I do know the zippered pocket was my addition.
This was my first proper zippered pocket in a lining, so I needed some instructions. It worked up very nice and I am really glad I added it. Because of the large emptiness a big bag can create, I had to have something to keep lip balm from getting lost in the depths. And I do use that zippered pocket all the time.



Here's a picture from the subway in Paris, to give you an idea of its size and what it looks like full of stuff. :)

For our trip to New Zealand, I decided I wanted to have a zipper on the large opening, so the morning we left, I quick sewed in a zipper for added security. Not probably needed but I kind of like being able to secure all our odds and ends with more than just a button. 

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