Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our Wee Gymnast

On the first Saturday here in Nelson, we visited Gymnastics Nelson, and enrolled Natasha in their Preschool class. She has enjoyed going every Wednesday afternoon since then, all except for having to wear leggings. They were her worst vice, but as soon as we arrived in the building, they were {thankfully} forgotten with more fun things to think about.


All the children had a chance to do a variety of activities with instruction and encouragement on getting stronger and working on balance. I was encouraged with the words of another mum who had a little girl there, who said the physical therapist that comes to her daughter's kinder school was telling the parents how important movement is with the brain's development at a young age. Simple things like telling a child to hop on one leg down the hallway, can stimulate a better mind and body connection. So I was especially glad I could see this played out with gymnastics, since balance and coordination is so important with not only gymnastics, but 4 year old's little brain too.


They are now on holiday, but on her last class all the children received certificates and got a little extra free time to enjoy the gym equipment. We won't be enrolling her for the next term since we have family and friends coming to visit us (!) and we hope to do more traveling around the South Island. But I hope Natasha remembers her first gymnastics being in New Zealand, with her instructor Karen.


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