Friday, September 26, 2014

Little Leggings and More

One year ago, I was in Germany, passing the time by taking pictures of my sewing projects for last year's big traveling experience. So here I am, exactly a year later, finally sharing those projects.

My main sewing item was leggings for Natasha to wear under shorter dresses. Funny thing is, she wore them fine a year ago but now hates all leggings. (And a lot of other various articles of clothing...) It's very discouraging since they look so cute on little girls, and it has caused many a huge talk and many tears when leggings simply *must* be worn for certain activities or weather temperatures. We are still working on that. I'm trying not to make a mountain out of a molehill, and realize that children this age have many passing whims and fleeting preferences.
We just heard about a 4 year old who for an entire three months, declared to all around him that he wanted a church friend of the family's, as his dad, and NOT his real dad. After this going on for exactly 12 weeks, it suddenly came to an end and that was that.

So I'm praying the same thing happens with our little girl and her very strong pickiness preferences, very soon. If anyone has any tips on overcoming clothing sensitivities and how you might encourage a little girl to wear things she says feel bad, the comment section is open!

Anyway, these first two leggings were made from men's t-shirts. I can't quite remember if I used a legging pattern found on Pinterest, or copied one of Natasha's store-bought pair of leggings.



This pair was a Salvation Army find, that I just made into capris by shirring the inside and outside seams with elastic thread, for some added detail.


Next, a vintage suspender skirt. It turned out really cute, but little girls in the 1950's must have been less active than my little one. Whenever she wore it, the shirt underneath always came poking up above the waistband and created lumpiness. She didn't really wear it much.



One of my own little designs was a color-blocked skirt with an exposed zipper in the back. The first I've ever made for her that didn't include any elastic in the waistband.



For myself, I made up a couple basic t-shirts, in navy and black. Each from XL men's shirts. And, a couple skirts. Not from men's t-shirts.

(Aw, look. She's wearing leggings and smiling at the same time. Clearly, that was not taken recently.)

12-191photo (4)

P.S. Let me reiterate, these pictures were taken a year ago, in Europe. I'm just sharing them now because...I'm in New Zealand and don't have a sewing machine to produce new clothing items from fabric at the moment. So I just feature ones I've previously made. And, I'm human and simply don't always post promptly. :)

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