Saturday, September 27, 2014

In Which We Watercolour

I saw this print on Pinterest a while ago and immediately loved it, a. because it's a striped shirt and b. because it's obviously French inspired. The thoughts that followed those were, "I bet I could paint that.{pause} If I had paint..."

Uniforme Fran├žais, by Janelle Burger

I now have some, watercolours to be exact, since I bought some for myself Natasha to use. Among other little things, I had to try my hand painting the striped shirt and red beret, and while doing so, Natasha created her own version too.


And...among Natasha's artwork, this original family portrait appeared:


She explained that she was painting the clothes we all were wearing that day, which was very accurate indeed. Then went on to clarify, in a manner which showed her slight disappointment in her own artistic abilities, that she knows I'm really not that big in real life.
*whew* Was I ever glad to hear that!


  1. This makes me smile!!! I saw 'you' and was thinking...ummm...she isn't that large. =)

  2. My thoughts were exactly like maria's except with the added thought being something like "hmmm...a child's perspective on life". :)


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