Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ever Heard of Possum Wool?

I hadn't till I popped in this store and discovered their merino/possum blend yarn. Possums here in New Zealand aren't quite like the Opossums we have in America. I still don't think they're very friendly looking, but apparently their fur can be rather soft and is used in conjunction with another wool to create a nice blend.

This old building from the 1800's is the home of at least a couple shops, and my yarn store is just inside to the left.


Once inside the hall, you open the sliding door and voila. You have entered the nicest little shop for knitted items, yarns, wool to be spun, hand-dyed silks and more. I was looking for yarn for an infinity scarf, which I thought I could knit while here to help pass the time, be my NZ souvenir, and be ready for my winter wardrobe when we get back to the States.


I stopped by 3 times, and on my last visit finally bought the yarn. I debated and hem-hawed around, but finally with the help of one of the co-op ladies who share the tending of the store, we selected a 60% merino, 40% possum blend, hand dyed by a local New Zealand lady. Anne was of great help, walking me through how much I might need, how to calculate how many stitches to cast on for my project, and so on. She said to be sure to come by and show me the finished scarf.



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