Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Her Love Language

The other day I began to wonder (again) what Natasha's love language is. I'm never good at figuring these things out, although I do know mine...send me words of encouragement or a compliment and I'm on top of the world for a good long time. After a bit of contemplation, Daniel and I determined Natasha's is touch. She loves to be hugged, snuggled, kissed, and be touching somehow. I easily admit that it doesn't come naturally to me, so sometimes it's hard to give.

We happened to be discussing this at the supper table in her presence, so we just asked her, "What makes you feel loved?"


Her immediate response was, "Hugs and kisses!"


Her new crown came as a result of a pin my sister sent me. (Thank you my dear!) The tutorial is found here and we made a special trip to the "Spotlight" store just to find pipe cleaners. I wasn't sure what the Spotlight store was like other than I heard rumor they had knitting needles. Come to find out it's like a JoAnn's with the addition of a Kohl's, minus the clothes, shoes and jewelry. Got all that? Just the perfect place for me to wander around for a while. We bought the glittery multi-color pack of pipe cleaners, and I love the fact that it's glittery for my diamond-loving girlie, and yet no glitter falls off. It's ideal.


  1. I have always found identifying the love languages in children a challenge too. But you nailed it! (And, did you make her skirt? Adorable.)

    1. I did make her skirt; thanks for noticing. It was part of my week-before-we-leave-sewing when I realized she needed a couple new additions for her wardrobe.

  2. Her sweet little crown is lovely. To bad for me shes not my grand baby. My little Jaxon, 4 .......complains I give him to much sugar ......he runs from me. Hugs and kisses are definitely not his love language ;) Please do give your little one a big hug and kiss from me. I have loved watching her grow here on your blog from just a baby to the sweet little girl she has become. Blessings friend

    1. Aw, poor Jaxon, doesn't know what he's missing from a Grandma!


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