Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cooking in a New Country

Not sure if any of you have been following our "adventuring" blog, or not, but if you pop over there you'll find that we have now safely arrived in New Zealand, where we will be living for the next 3 months:

Usually the biggest thing to get accustomed to in a new house is the kitchen. It's where Daniel and I spend a lot of our time and the stove is the center of it all. So I'm adjusting to cooking on an electric stove, and have already tried a new recipe. Not sure why I always tend to try completely new recipes in new places. I think it's part of my own little way of embracing who I am, in a new country. Being in a new house without all your familiar surroundings and hobbies that fill your time, cooking is the one thing that always needs done. Still, adjusting to living on a completely new side of the globe can be hard. I love this article that Anna linked to on her blog, The Sweet Nest. It has some simple, but really good ideas on how to feel at home when you're not at home. (By the way, Anna and her family just moved to France!)

So, the first new recipe I tried was a Sweet-Potato Crust Quiche. Of course, I altered it to fit our cupboard supplies, and added sausage to make it a more manly quiche.

It turned out really well, and I'll probably be making it again at some point since it's always nice when new things become familiar. Which is how I hope New Zealand will feel very soon.

Chocolate always helps that transition. ;)


  1. I'm following your adventure!!! And it all looks so new and amazing. And those steps to the house look like they would be tiring after a long day.

  2. I tried to go to your adventure blog, but the link took me just to Wordpress.

    1. You're right Marci, something was definitely wrong with that link. I hope it's fixed now. :)


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