Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Easter Dress(es)

This is rather belated for holidays, but I wanted to share despite Easter being a couple months ago.

The first dress I'd like to highlight is one that I spent hours making from my Great Grandma's pattern from the early 1930's:



Second up is the one that was actually worn, given as a birthday gift from my parents to the new 4 year old:



Each is special and now each one has memories. Of course, I intended the vintage one to be her special 2014 Easter dress. But as I am learning, it's not worth me stressing over whether my little girlie wears a homemade dress or a surprise gifted dress for Easter. Natasha decided she'd rather wear the new yellow dress versus the lavender one, so I didn't fuss.

Besides, the yellow one indeed has one of the best memories attached to it now because of what wasn't worn underneath on Easter morning. As we were heading into the sanctuary for church, Natasha suddenly turned to me and announced, "Mommy, I just know I don't have any panties on!" Indeed, she did not. In the excitement of wearing her new dress, somehow underwear were completely forgotten. I didn't have any extras with us, so we carried on as usual with strict instructions to "Keep your skirt, down."

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  1. This makes me smile. Panties are such little things- how can you always be counted on to remember those!


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