Monday, April 14, 2014

Faery House

The weather has finally decided to get warm...ish. I must have inherited my Dad's tendency to always be cold, because I still think it's chilly outside. We did have one lovely day last week where I actually went out with short sleeves though, and Natasha and I had some fun out in our little tree fort. We read some books and snacked on our snack, all while soaking up some sun.

Best of all, we created a little faery house. Inspired by the book, Fairy Houses, by Tracy Kane, we built our own. When I suggested we make one, Natasha said, "But faeries aren't real!" Yep, I know my dear. But faeries are a very fun pretend, and I think making a little house for them is magical and sweet.

It's a special little secret, down under the low hanging tree branches, and we can keep visiting it all summer in the shade. Who knows. Maybe we'll spot a faery. :)

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  1. That last photo ... doesn't it just make you wish you could freeze childhood forever? So magical.


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