Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Cheery Morning

This past Thursday, Daniel left early to take the car to the dealer to get a few things looked at/repaired/replaced. He ended up spending the entire day in town, waiting and hoping the car would be finished and he could drive it home, but alas, here it is Saturday and we probably won't get it back till Monday. But lets not talk about cars all day...

I wanted to show you the little surprise Daniel left me on the kitchen counter before he left:

And, to highlight our yummy breakfast.

I made french toast, with the newest bread recipe I've tried, and it was, to my knowledge, the first time Natasha has had french toast! It turned out so tasty. Slathered with homemade butter, a light sprinkle of fresh maple syrup...yum.

After we sat down at the table, I realized this breakfast was rather yellow. But, rather appropriate and cheerful for a spring morning in April.

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