Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Thoughts and Ramblings

I have been...

Enjoying Pinterest a little more than I probably should.
Knitting more than I have in a long, long time.

Cooking without dairy. Although, still using butter. (Doing a little diet experimenting...more on that in another post.)
Trying to teach a 3 year old not to whine.
Learning it won't work overnight.
Doing a bit of whining myself over the rise in postage. Seriously? A penny short of half a dollar to send a first class envelope? Why, oh, why?!
Attempting to drink a lot more water each day. (Let's just say I don't like having to go to the bathroom all the time.)
Staying inside, since it's been very, very, very, very, very, cold here.
Debating whether I can make a dress like this before February 18th:

Looking forward to our anniversary trip that Daniel has planned, but hasn't told me where yet. I really do love surprises, so I'm just waiting for the big revealing. (The trip being the "need" for an new dress...)
Struggling out of my blogging slump...slowly...
Wondering how on earth one is supposed to wear a lace headband and make it look cute. I seem to fail in doing so...
Wishing we had a place to put a bookcase. Or two or three...and get all our books out of boxes.
Thinking it's time to go to Ikea and spend a little of my spending $ to buy this:

Searching for the perfect pair of yellow or coral flats for spring and summer. I simply can't decide which color I like best.
Sighing at the odd items in the mending basket. Before I start anything new, I want that thing empty.
Appreciating a practically clean house for about all of 20 minutes. (Then I cooked supper, and the freshly mopped floor was clean no longer.)
Trying to forgive myself for wasting 1 entire cup of homemade almond butter on dry, crumbly blonde brownies. Not repeating that recipe again!
Anticipating the Train Like a Girl Seminar this weekend, as well as my 27th birthday on Monday. :)

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