Saturday, January 25, 2014

January and a Redhead

I received some higher quality henna for Christmas, and my dear sister-in-law dyed my hair for me. I'm still getting adjusted to the reddish color; we'll see if I like it long term or not. Dare I ask anyone else's thoughts?

Natasha and I met Mom and Dad a couple of hours away for an ice sculpture festival. It was the perfect, cold day for it, and we enjoyed the quaint little town so much I wish I could have transported it home with me to be the town I live in now.

It seems I have no pictures of my niece when she's content. Poor dearie! I always manage to grab the camera when she's just getting distressed. But she is such a dearie! Natasha used to lay in this exact chair, just like Myah. Makes my little girl seem like such a grown up girl!

Sorry the pictures are rather small. On my last blog post, I didn't like how Flickr made all the pictures in that upload, available to be seen by just clicking to the right or left when hovering over the picture! That's not the plan for surprise blogging, if you can just click and see all the images I have yet to blog about! So small it is today...better than nothing I suppose.


  1. Hmmm... I personally think God gave you the perfect color to start with. =) - Regina


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