Monday, January 13, 2014

Grain-Free Christmas Baking

Grain-Free Monkey Bread for Christmas morning. (Turned out incredibly sweet, and I didn't even add all the sugar. Reduce! Reduce! Reduce!

My first yule log for Christmas dinner dessert. It turned out lovely, and unexpectedly light and airy. Probably the best whipped egg whites I've ever had that weren't immediately wilted as soon as I folded in the chocolate mixture!

Yes, I always look that serious when I'm concentrating, but I'm not mad! Even though I may look like I am.

We also did some sugar cookies to ice, for an after Christmas meal with my family.

I found the recipe on Pinterest, but after working with the dough and practically losing my mind, I promptly deleted the pin. Next time I want roll-out cookies, I will use a different recipe, as these are very crumbly and the dough is STICKY unless you constantly chill it. No offense to the creator; they just don't fall into the easy-enough-for-me-to-try-again category. The taste however, was fine!

In the bottom left corner of this picture, you'll find yet another variety of cookies I tried. Shortbread! To make it more festive, I dipped half in melted chocolate. I must say, that half of the cookie was the best. I think I might add a wee bit more sweetener next time. I was thinking the dough might be about the right texture for spritz cookies too!

For this year's gingerbread houses and cookie decorating, I bought myself an icing bag with several tips to go along with it. Love it. But in the future, I will be making my life even more easier with this ah-maz-ing, life altering tip for using icing bags. Okay, it might not really be life altering, but it kind of seems like it might be, especially when working with a preschooler and more than one color of icing.

And, now I'm out of handy-dandy tips for life. :)

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