Wednesday, December 11, 2013

November Brought...

A sleepy ride in the tractor with Grandpa working ground:

See that bag she's holding? It was full of raisins, almonds, M&Ms and sunflower seeds when we sent these two off, and I specifically instructed Natasha to NOT eat all the M&Ms! Well, come time to pick Natasha up, Daddy relayed the outcome of the M&Ms: "I was getting the plow hooked up, while Natasha sat in the cab. By the time I got back in the tractor, she had eaten all but two M&Ms and all that was left for me was sunflower seeds!"


Playing dress up with Grandma, in Mommy's old clown costume:


And Grandma's wedding hat and veil:

AND......a brand new cousin! Myah Elizabeth isn't brand spankin new anymore, since she is over a month old now, but still. This is Natasha's very first, first cousin, and my very first niece! Just three weeks after Myah's arrival, Natasha got another cousin, this time of the boy variety, and I have my very first nephew too! We haven't met Rowan Gibson yet, but someday soon, perhaps. Needless to say, there's been a lot of baby stuff happening around here.

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