Monday, November 18, 2013


We painted pumpkins for the first time this year. I haven't wanted to put faces on pumpkins before, with the connection it seems to make with Halloween (which we do not celebrate), but when Natasha saw some cute ones at the farm stand, she really wanted to do it herself. I didn't see any harm in it, especially considering how she has no comprehension of Halloween and what it really means. So our faces were simply fun, silly faces, and it made my 3 year old, the happiest 3 year old on our block. I'm kind of learning to let some things go and just have fun.


Another thing I'm kind of "loosening" up on, is Disney. I haven't encouraged a lot of the Disney Princesses movies, but Cinderella is one that I remember watching when I was little. It's kind of nostalgic I suppose, and I wanted Natasha to know about the little mice saving the day, and seeing Cinderella marry her Prince. So we got Disney's "Cinderella" from the library. Natasha laughed her head off at the mice outwitting the cat.



October took us to Ohio for the weekend, which included a baby shower for good friends, and a night at Mom and Dad's. That's where we found some old masks, which highly entertained us. Again, they had nothing to do with Halloween... ;) The rabbit and clown ones were actually ones my Dad had from his childhood.

October also brought us the first snowfall of the season! My girlie wanted to go outside immediately, in her jammies, new-to-her winter coat, and puddle boots.


Later, we properly dressed and made a couch. It's surprising we had enough snow to make it, at the rate Natasha was eating it!


November is now well under our feet, and among the festive season starting, we might have some tears along with it. My Grandma is coming to the end of her days here on earth. She's my last living grandparent and with Thanksgiving just next week, I'm thanking the Lord for her 90 years here with us. She is leaving an amazing legacy; one of a hard life conquered with grace despite a lot of tough times. She has been one strong woman and I will always admire her. I know God will give us grace for the upcoming days.

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  1. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures...thats a lot of snow..burr :) Blessings...Happy Thanksgiving


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