Friday, October 18, 2013

A New Apron

Before we went to Europe, I made a new apron. My old one was dearly loved, but it was time. You see, it had seen hundreds upon hundreds of meals in the 5 years that we've been married. A college friend made it for me and I wore it in Ohio, Panama and Michigan. But it was thinning terribly and the thinnest spot became a hole.

Here's the original, shown last summer on a very regular housekeeping day. It illustrates exactly what my life consisted of then: cooking and heading to the laundry room with a bag of dirty diapers. 

I loved this style so much that I copied it at least 3 times for gifts, and so naturally my new one was copied from it once again.
This new apron has already traveled the world. This photo shoot was in Germany. 

I tried to embellish it some with some white piping...

some hand embroidered flowers from a vintage pattern of my Grandma's...

and even a "fancy" sewing machine hem. So now here's to another 5 years of keeping my clothes safe from grease stains! 'Cause I'm a messy cook, no matter what state or country I'm in.


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