Friday, October 11, 2013

A Haircut in Germany

While in Eibelstadt, I decided my hair was too long. It needed a good trim, and I was wanting something new. So I went to Barbara's Hair Salon, as soon as it was 10 a.m. and Barbara kindly got me in first thing. She spoke enough English that we could communicate, and with a couple iphone pictures as way of illustration for the proper style, we got along quite nicely. (Not my iphone...Daniel's. I am still cell phone-less.)

photo (19)

photo (20)

Barbara said she's been cutting hair for 27 years and "It's my life!" She did a fantastic job, and I wish she could be my hair stylist always! It was such fun getting a haircut in another country.

photo (21)

We are now back in the States, and I'm in search of miniature white pumpkins, a way to get around with Natasha on a bike like all the Europeans, and a couch. All while trying not to miss Germany too much! I still have lots of pictures to share from the last half of our time Europe, which I will be posting on our adventuring blog, when I get around to it.

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  1. That's kinda fun, to get a haircut in another country! :) The closest I got was a hair wash (i.e., massage!) and style.


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