Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Traveling Across the Ocean

Top of the morning to you, from Germany! We just woke up from a very restful, quiet night's sleep in the little village of Eibelstadt, about an hour's drive from Frankfurt. This marks the beginning of our time in Germany, after our 4ish day stay touring Paris. So I'm behind on pictures, but that's okay. I'm enjoying the sights and sounds of Europe. But before before jumping into Germany, I'll try to catch up on a few things from France.

Just before landing in Paris, I told Natasha that we were almost there. She gave me this look:

New passport stamps!

We. Are. In. Paris. We couldn't really believe it...
(That's me, Maria, Natasha and Daniel. Maria is a good friend of ours who happily joined us for our adventure. You can read more of our travels on her blog here.)

On a side note in regards to my sewing, Natasha's traveling clothes included a knit t-shirt I made out of a lady's t-shirt, and then added a freezer paper stencil on the front.

Her skirt was a last minute (like, the day before we flew out) addition to her wardrobe. It's a simple circle skirt, which I had to line because the fabric was thin. I added a waistband with some elastic to keep it on, and sewed a doily on the front for cuteness.

While waiting in the airport for Daniel to get tickets for the subway, Natasha found a euro 1 cent piece.

And as always, for more pictures and less "sewing" related topics, you can follow us on our adventuring blog. 


  1. Very cute! I hope you are having a wonderful time. :)

  2. Looks like you all are having a wonderful time. I love the skirt you made your little one...very cute. Of course she is cute always...such a little doll :) Blessings and a safe trip back when you head home.


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