Thursday, September 19, 2013

Days in Eibelstadt

Our little village in Germany has lovely little playgrounds. About 3 that I know of, and Daniel told me of yet another one today. This is our favorite one with pebbles rather than sand, and it is just down the hill from our apartment, outside the old wall that is hundreds of years old. Really!

Natasha just walked by as I was typing. looked over my shoulder and paused to say, "There's me and a little boy. How sweet!" I don't think there's much more explanation than that!

For this particular moment, he was rattling off something in German to her and handing her a stick. Natasha kept saying, "I don't want a stick. I really don't want a stick."


We are kind of housebound these days...we returned the rental car last week, and it's been very overcast, cloudy and rainy since then. So that somewhat limits our adventures on foot to explore more of the area. So we've been staying occupied in the house with the following:
  • Taking morning walks between rain showers to the grocery to resupply the fridge (Daniel)
  • Reading the Kindle (books for Daniel and me) 
  • Editing pictures for our adventuring blog with updates of new countries we've visited (me)
  • Playing paper dolls (Natasha and me)
  • Pretending to be animals (Daniel and Natasha)
  • Trying to decide how many Curious George episodes Natasha should be allowed to watch in one day (Daniel and me)
  • Using Google Translate to get a few children's books translated from German to English (me) 
  • Trying to be creative in the kitchen with limited ingredients and kitchen tools (me)

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  1. I love the expression on Natasha face in the last " Now,say that again" English please :)


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