Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zucchini: Bountiful or Dying

I have heard of these amazing zucchini plants that produce crazy, overwhelming squash in such quantities that the gardeners have not only enough for themselves, but are begging others to take extra off their hands. Can you believe it? Plenty for themselves and extra for friends!

My Mom and I have never experienced this phenomenon. Our plants might produce one or two zucchini, then the plant wilts and dies. Leaving us feeling like we can't even grow the simplest of garden produce! This year has proven once again, quite disappointing. There are nice blooms, and I get all hopeful...I even saw a little baby zucchini about 2 inches long earlier this summer! But, it shriveled up and died.

So I decided, if I can't ever eat the squash itself, I can eat the blooms. This is another specialty that I've only heard of, but decided to try it. And I must say, it was a good idea! These are really yummy. But then again, anything stuffed with cheese and fried is good, right? :)


Recipe? I just mixed up some sour cream (didn't have cream cheese or I would have used that) with shredded cheddar cheese, and fresh basil, and stuffed the blooms, sans the little stem inside. Then dipped them in whisked egg whites, some coconut flour, then back in the egg whites, before frying them in coconut oil till toasty brown. 

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  1. Looks good for sure...I am having that problem with my two tomato plants,they have been in the ground for months and have made one tomato..when I went out to check on it had burst open and was rotting.....oh well,what can I say :) Blessings friend


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