Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer at our Home

I could just leave it with one picture that would sum it up, but we really did more than just eat sweet corn. ;) (Actually, it was a rare treat to have sweet corn, and it was super good.)

We anxiously anticipated a wonderful tipi "fort", covered in vines as a wonderful hiding spot, but alas. We have horrible sandy soil and the squash are still as tall as they were in June. It looks cool anyway, and adds some character to our little yard.

We practiced our letters, thanks to printable letters to trace.


Last but not least, I made some delicious little appetizers using Burrata cheese. I accidentally bought it thinking it was fresh mozzarella, but it turned out to be a wonderful little mistake. These were...ah-maz-ing. For the bread, I tried a new grain-free recipe: Almond Flax Bread.


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