Monday, August 26, 2013

Sewing for Europe!

*squeal* I'm terribly, super-uber excited...we are going to France and Germany this week. First off, Paris for a few days, before spending all of September getting to know Germany. So it's a month long trip, and instead of cleaning and tidying the house before we leave, I'm here, updating you on my sewing.

See, one has to have a new wardrobe for Europe. First off, I knew I wanted a few new t-shirts that weren't too tight to have to wear a cardigan or shrug over top. But when I went shopping, none of the t-shirts I tried on at Salvation Army (I was starting cheap...) worked out.

Instead of giving up and going to the mall for simple t-shirts, I wandered over to the men's plus size area. There, instead of seeing shirts for really, really big guys, I saw fabric. I selected the largest, nicest shirts that weren't worn out or faded, and came home to sew. I ended up with 3 shirts for myself to refashion, and 3 for Natasha to turn into leggings. (More on that in another post.)

Here's the largest one of the batch:
photo (6)

But by using my own pattern that I copied this past summer from my favorite Down East Basics Scoop Neck Tee, I transformed that XL men's shirt into a ladies size medium!

photo (7)

I had to try it out, so I wore it for church and added a scarf for some flair. :) My skirt is a very simple A-line that I drafted myself. The fabric is some that I ordered from Girl Charlee earlier this year. Gray Chevron, in case you're wondering or have a desire to copy me. :)

photo (8)

I'm so pleased I came across a way to copy my own existing t-shirts. This is the tutorial I used, and it's great. I've used it now to copy two of my Down East Basics tees, and one of Natasha's t-shirts too.

For a professional looking neckband finish, this video is the best I've found for explaining how to sew a binding on. It really works and has made me a happier seamstress...especially with working with knits!! It is incredibly easy. The key is...the binding has to be smaller than the opening you're sewing it to. Whether it be a neckline or a sleeve. I've used it for both.

I'm hoping to do some more wardrobe updates as we go along and wear our new clothes in Europe. So stay tuned! Now I need to get back to the tidying I'm supposed to be doing, but first, I think there are some children's books waiting me to read them to a waiting little girl. :)


  1. I'm am full of anticipation!!! And a bundle of nerves. =)

  2. LOVE what you did to the shirt, btw.

  3. We ran into Maria and she told us y'all were going to Europe. You will have a great time!!

  4. Great job on that t shirt. You are blessed to get to have a safe trip and take lots of pictures to share :) Blessings to you and your little family.

  5. wow! I am completly inspired by your sewing creativity! Now I feel like sewing...and looking for too large t-shirts! Lol. it's been awhile since I read your blog and I loved catching up again. So interesting! Have a wonderful trip. Look forward to seeing the pictures!


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