Saturday, July 13, 2013


For the Fourth, we had sparklers. Of course, we couldn't wait till dark to try them, so we did it early...and late.


Like Natasha's ice cream cone shirt? I made it out of the very first knit top I ever tried to make years ago, and at which I failed miserably. The main body was still good though, so I re-made it into a shirt for Natasha. The cone part is appliqued...and I sewed buttons on for sprinkles. This was a few months ago now and I never blogged about it. But now...consider it blogged. :)


Her "twirly" skirt, is a pleasant little plus of having Aunties who sew. :) Naomi made this one, and I think she followed this tutorial. It's really perfect for twirling...and that's the only feature that will make Natasha wear it. (Although I love how versatile denim is, Natasha does not like the color of denim.)


Here's the "late" part of the sparklers...properly done on the beach while waiting for the fireworks to start. Why do they have to begin so late?! It wasn't till 11 that the show finally began, and 1 a.m. by the time we got home and to bed. Gracious sakes. But...fireworks like these only come once a year!





  1. Such a sweet post of your little Natasha. Her little outfit is darling. Sparklers are one of my favorite things!
    Hope you all are having a wonderful summer...blessings


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