Thursday, July 18, 2013

Going Green (and white)

How about this! It's bright and summery and green and white. Shutterfly contacted me after they somehow saw the link I posted in my last post, to their 101 free print special. (Just how does the internet do that?! Somehow alerts Shutterfly that I linked to them?) They asked if I'd like to share their new Summer Decorating inspiration board on my blog. I decided it would be fun to do something new, so here it is!  

I'm afraid I don't have much green, white and orange in my house, other than white walls...everywhere.  But outside I do. It has a lot to do with the garden these days...and here's what is keeping me busy!







The harvesting has begun! We are enjoying fresh produce from the garden! I'm canning green beans, but the rest we are eating fresh. Not enough {snowpeas, broccoli, turnips, kale, onions} to put away for winter. But that's tastes great fresh. :)

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