Saturday, July 6, 2013


reading: "My Korean Deli" by Ben Ryder Howe, from this recommendation.

waiting for: Daniel and Natasha to get back from the weekly milk run to the farm. It seems to be taking longer than usual, so I'm thinking they might have stopped at the creek at the local nature park on their way home. Natasha likes to play around in the water. :)

excited about: Our upcoming month long trip to Europe! Germany and France to be exact.

trying to: Not worry about ticks in this area. As a friend said, quoting Jo, from Little Women and paraphrasing a wee bit, "Blast those wretched things!" My sentiments precisely.

working on: Getting 101 prints printed with Shutterfly's after July 4th special. It ends in about 2 days, so I need to get busy!

enjoying: A much, much cooler summer than last year. Praise the Lord it's not 100 degrees out!!!!

using: My new food processor. I love it! Made cauliflower rice last night, and the texture is better than I ever could do with a blender, a fork, the KitchenAid, anything. Although, since we don't have a microwave, I simply stir-fried it in a bit of water and lard.

singing: "Redeemed" I love this part of the second verse: "I know that the light of his presence with me doth continually dwell." I need that reminder...that I'm really not plunging through my daily life alone. His power is working through me.

wearing: Toenail polish from my Grandma's old stash. She passed away one year ago today. Oh my...the changes and things we've learned since then.

needing: To put away dishes, pack for our little visit to my parent's tomorrow, finish sewing my new t-shirt, make a birthday card, etc...

My new t-shirt...the sleeves are too "fluttery"...


learning: How to do a handstand. That is, I want to learn how to do a handstand.

listening to: Honestly? The air conditioning. I'm truly very grateful for it, but gracious, it is noisy!

wishing: Pictures would edit themselves.

doing: This blog post instead of the things listed up under "needing"!

dreaming of: Having our own house someday. With a shaded backyard. And a place for a hammock. A porch, with a table to have supper on, and a garden full of luscious soil and earthworms.

remembering: This supper Natasha and I shared out on our deck last week when Daniel was gone for the day and got back late:

There's another of my new shirts. You like? I do! 


I had her pray this time. It went like this: "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for our meatballs, mashed potatoes, snow peas, milk, and everything we do. Amen!"


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  1. Love your new pink t-shirt!!! And Natasha's prayer is so cute!


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