Friday, June 21, 2013

Strawberry Season 2013

Last night we finished picking this year's supply of strawberries. I think total, from two evenings of picking, we got about 50 pounds. I freeze most, and we eat a lot fresh. The frozen ones go into smoothies and ice cream during the winter, as well as mixed with blueberries for a cooked pancake/waffle syrup.

Last year I made the mistake of just putting a whole bag of washed berries in the freezer. That makes for one huge clump of frozen berries when you want to make a smoothie and you have to hack away with it with a knife. So this year, I froze them all in a single layer on a cookie sheet/baking pan...

...and then put them in freezer bags. This way, they aren't so clumped and we can easily break just the right amount off when we want them this winter.

Happy Longest Day of the Year, by the way! Over 15 hours of daylight today, and the beginning of summer. We're having a cookout with my nieces*, as well as a sleepover, to celebrate. :)

*correction: I don't have any nieces. For some reason, my sister-in-laws seemed like nieces in my mind and that's what came out when I was typing. Gracious me. *rolls eyes*


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    1. Ah! No, actually, I don't. I meant...sister-in-laws! Gracious me.

    2. Lol ok, I just got really confused for a second! Maybe you will have one in October ;)


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