Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm Bragging About My Sister

I have to do a little post about my sister. She is having an adventure down south for the summer at a Christian camp, and I'm just so proud of her. She has worked in the kitchen and been a junior cabin leader, and is just amazing me with her boldness, servant hood, cheerfulness despite being somewhat tired (what can you expect with a bunch of teenagers around?!) and simply her willingness to go and do something so out of her comfort zone. We grabbed a picture of the two of us back in May before she left:


Oh, and did I mention that she celebrated her 24th birthday the very first weekend she was down there?! I had to send her gift in the mail, and since everything is cuter when it's tiny, I made some tiny envelopes for a couple wire designs.



And wrapped it all in brown paper and sent it on its way.


She still has the rest of the summer to go, and will be facing all sorts of new and exciting things. Like probably being a head cabin leader at some point. Ahh! That would just about scare my socks off. She already told me about the week she was a junior cabin leader to a whole passel of 8-12 years old girls, and that was in itself overwhelming! (I think she does better under pressure like that than I do.) We pray for her daily, and I know it's the Lord who is sustaining her!

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